Remote Access to your U-drive


If you have signed up for a computer network account to use the computer labs and access college-provided wireless, you have a personal network share to store files on. To access your u-drive from off-campus or via wireless, direct your web browser to Log in with the same username and password you use to access college wireless or computer labs. After you log in, you will be shown a window with three panes.

Function Pane

The top pane is the function pane. If you hold your mouse over each icon, a description of the function will be shown below. The most important function is the right-most button -- Log Off. You must log off and close your browser window to completely end your session. Although these sessions are secure, we will advise against accessing your U-drive on any public terminal, including those in the library. If you forget to log off or close your browser window, someone could return to and have access to your files.

Folder Pane

The left pane is a folder pane. It will show any folders and sub-folders within your U-drive, but no files will be displayed.

File Pane

The right pane is the file pane. Any files and folders within the currently selected folder will be displayed here. Typical operations, such as uploading and downloading, will also happen in this pane.

Next to any file in your right pane is a link named Get. This works well for downloading one file at a time. If you are going to make changes that you want saved to your u-drive, always choose "save" rather than "open". You will have to use the upload function to save your changes to the server.

To download several files and/or folders at the same time, using the "add to zip" functionality is probably best. To begin, select several files or folders at the same time using your mouse and the control key. Once you have several items selected, right-click on one of them and choose "add to new zip".

You will be asked to name the new zip file. Afterward, use the refresh function from the function pane, locate your newly-created zip file, and download it as you would any other file.

Yes, you can save files to your u-drive. Saving files to your u-drive requires the use of the upload function, which is located on the function pane and also in the top menu bar of the right (files) pane. After selecting the upload button, locate the file from your local computer using the browse button, and then press the upload button. If you do not upload a file after making changes, the changes will not be reflected when you access them on campus later.

Best practice for uploading files involves testing your files afterward. For example, if you upload a PDF file to your u-drive, try downloading and viewing it immediately afterward to double-check the integrity of the file. Even the slightest interruption in network traffic can corrupt a file, rendering it unusable.

If you have any questions or need help accessing your u-drive, contact the computer Help Desk at or at (585) 394 - 3500 x.7419.